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Our Process


1. Analyzing your recruitment needs

Fully understanding where your company should be going and what people you need to get there is a critical factor in achieving success. Understanding the skills, knowledge and track record required is one thing. Making sure we understand what makes the right candidate deliver business results, is our added value.


2. Attracting and motivating the best candidates

Using all appropriate channels, we attract the best possible people and maintain their motivation throughout the process. We identify the candidate’s priorities and ambitions and help you to communicate your organization’s employment proposition in the best possible way.


3. Making the right selection

Our unique predictive assessment methodology uses a combination of interviews and personality-profiling to thoroughly assess the candidate’s qualifications, experience, motivation and personal qualities, thereby connecting the right people with your strategy.


4. Ensuring high performance

By re-utilizing the assessment insights gained in selection, we help you to integrate your new employee in the optimum way. New employees and their supervisor receive expert advice on how to shorten the time-to-performance. Our consultants manage the post hire process by ensuring regular updates with both parties throughout the guarantee period, mitigating any issues should they arise simultaneously ensuring strong communication is established from the onset of this new relationship.