• Who We Are

    Who We Are

Welcome to CHORIUS

We are trusted consultants and motivated professionals offering tailored solutions to the challenges faced by many companies.

We are renown for offering a unique combining spectrum of services that includes:

=> Executive SearchMoraine-lake-canoes

=> Management Consulting

=> Psychometric Assessment

=> Interim Management Solutions


Our Core Values

The guiding principles that dictate our behaviour and actions includes:

  • Making a positive difference in people’s lives
  • Making peoples lives better
  • Building lives and building companies
  • Belief that relationships need to be nurturedcore_values
  • A commitment to innovation and excellence
  • Commitment to doing things right and not taking short cuts
  • Commitment to inspiring people to achieve more and more
  • To impacting peoples lives in a meaningful and long term way
  • Commitment to making a difference in our community
  • Commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way
  • To treat both our clients and candidates with respect, genuine care
  • To conduct business with unwavering integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Consistency
  • Passionate, motivated
  • Authenticity


What makes us different from your competitors?differentiation

Our unique approach clearly differentiate us from the competition.

In a very competitive environment, CHORIUS is know for it’s ability to offer different services to reflect the unique needs of our clients

In addition to the Executive Search,  Chorius expertise includes management consulting (Finance, HR, Leadership Development…etc.), psychometric assessment and interim management to better respond to our customers needs.

We truly listen and genuinely get to know our clients and candidates alike. We have a global reach